Why us?

Why us? That's the question we all want answered, isn't it?

Well, Here it is..............

We, Red Carpet Tours & Travels, have a team of innovative travel professionals, ranging from 24 years old to well over 50 years old. We have made travel arrangements and sold tour/trekking packages to our clients, utilizing the innovation and enthusiasm of the young staff and the lifelong experience of the elders. We know the curent travel trends that attracts the youths and middle-aged people, We know about travel trends and destinations that had reached their peaks years and years back. With these ideas and knowledge, We have been able to provide satisfactory services to the children, youths and the elderlies as well.

Why us? We dont act like frothing vultures over tourists, as some of the travel agents in the industry do presently. We develop ideas and promotional materials that attract tourists. We provide them consultance about various travel destinations, and provide them travel packages best suited for them.

We focus on customer and provider relations, before, during and after doing business with both parties. Our good relation with prducers or providers, assures us the best possible rates from their side. Our relations with customers ensures that we get a constant flow of tourists from their recommendations and testimonials.

Still confused about what is so different about us? Send us a mail. Come to Nepal. We will take you on a tour to prove the fact that WE ARE DIFFERENT!