Terms & Conditions :


The contract is an agreement made between two parties in order to remove the disputes between parties.

Please kindly go through the Terms & Conditions that are listed below which maintains the relationship between you (client) & Red Carpet (Referred as the company). Please note that while booking a trip, you are committing to be bound by these Terms & Conditions as well as the cancellation policy &  certain limitations of credits. We have made the terms & conditions with the expectation of resolving possible disputes that may arise during our transactions.

Condition while Booking a tour/trek package :

Before the confirmation of your booking of tickets/tours/treks,etc, the company/client  has the right to increase or decrease the allocated price.

Note : The company would not be liable for any collateral agreement, credits, services/conditions other than expressed herein.

Deposits required for tours/treks:

(a) For trips/treks :

Regarding Trips to Nepal, you will have to make deposits (at the time of booking the trip) of 50% of the trip cost & you can pay the remaining amount upon your arrival in Kathmandu, before the end of the trip.

If the booking is made on account of/care of some person, then in case of any ups and downs in the payment , the person (i.e.  the person on behalf of whom the booking is made) will be liable to pay the wholesome amount .

The non-refundable deposits should be sent to the company. If the deposits is different from the above mentioned  things then you will be informed by the company at the booking time.


  • For the deposits of booking, you can use the bank transfer or by Credit Card (Visa/Master Card).Your credit card will be charged by Alpine Travel Service (Credit Card Division) on behalf of Red Carpet . All the amount  should be borne by the guest himself.

Note: There is 4 % surcharge if you intend to make payment with the credit card.

In case of Change in TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

If any amendments are made in the terms & conditions of company then it will be found on the website www.trekstoursnepal.com. Hence we request to our client to be up-to-date with any changes.