FAQ for treks :

While Trekking for the first time, there are lots of questions that arises in ones’ minds. To remove the doubts and answer the questionnaires of one’s’ mind, we have tried to resolve some of the queries that you should check on before you go ahead with your tour operator.

1. What are the experiences that your guide have?

-  Red Carpet has highly experienced team of travel professionals, highly trained trekking/climbing/rafting guides in Nepal. Having explored most of the mountains our trekking guides have sound knowledge of trekking routes. They have spent most of the years in the trekking activities so they have sound knowledge of dealing with foreigners and to provide hospitality and services to them.

Besides that they speak English & their friendliness and helpfulness influence the foreigners so much. They provide important information relating to the specific place to the foreigners.

2. What types of trekking you mostly take people to?

Currently we are taking our clients to three types of trekking :

a. Tea House Trek:

It is termed to be one of the budget oriented trip providing only trekking essential. Mostly in this type of trekking, a guide & porter are the things that we provide in order to guide you on the way and to carry your baggage. In this type of trekking,you get the chance to stay in the local tea houses. 

b. Upgraded Lodge Treks: 

In this type of trek, you are given a chance to stay in the comfortable & clean lodges available along with the nice bed & pillow. We also provide personal cook to serve our customers with hygienic snacks & meals. Along with that, we provide extra porters to provide services that is expected. Due to our geographical location of Nepal, the trekking guides adopts the classical routes for trekking. 

c. Camping Treks: 

As we have to take the way which are uneven we have to bring our own camping & kitchen stuffs. We provide an expertise group of guide, porters & cooks to our customers. We arrange all camping spots that have a best view points as possible.

3.  Is the country politically stable and safe to visit for trekking?

-  Nepal is one of the new democratic countries in the world with many active political parties, ideas and leaders. Sometimes as being one of the democratic countries, Nepal might have some disturbance but life moves on undisturbed as usual.  

4.  What is the routine on the trek? 

-  As usual trekkers starts their walk early in the morning.They take sun bath in the peaks and after hot breakfast they continue their trekking. They carry a light sack
for camera, lunch box and your belongings. By late afternoon, you could reach your new destination where a camp and the food are set up by the trek staff. They will entertain you in the evening by singing songs or play musical instruments or just having a lively camp fire discussion of their own. And in early morning, a hand stretches out with a hot mug of tea followed by warm water for a wash. Cooked breakfast and off you go again to your new destination.

5. What are the unforgettable things that we have to carry along with us?

- Things to be taken along with us.

  1. Water bottle.
  2. Jacket,
  3. Trekking Boots,
  4. Sleeping Bag,
  5. Tent
  6. Valuables
  7. Medicine(if you are taking any)

 6. Are the trails crowded?

- Most of the time, you may find no other foreigners apart from you group for days on the end. But in the peak season if you make your mind for trekking then you might find some other trekkers walking along on off the beaten treks.   

7. What are the things that i have to take in order to make the trip more memorable?

- Most of the trekkers feels interested to capture their journey and make a video of their own for long term memory.Our most of the treks are full of seneric beauty hence it will be better to carry some photographic equipments along with you. It will probably help you to capture seneric beauty which you feel to take along with you to your hometown. We will prefer you to take Single reflex cameras with interchangeable lenses. 

8. How long a trek takes?

-  Normally a short trek takes about 2 to 3 days. The duration of trek generally depends on ones' interest and location that is chosen. You can accommodate day hikes, local villages visit, and relaxing rest of the days on your trek.

FAQ for tours :

1. When is the best time to visit Nepal?

- Generally October and November are considered to be the best time of the year to make any tours in Nepal.As the main festivals of Dashain and Tihar (greatest Hindu festivals) fall during these months, you can be able to enjoy the culture & tradition more closely. Beside that,the climate is also favourable as during that time the sky will remain clear & pleasant temperature. If you are fond of flaura, then February-May are also good time for travel, as you will see rhododendron bloom.If you are interested to go on tours in nepal then have a look in our tours section.

2. What are the facilities that we can get  in terms of communication medias if i have to call in my home or my work place?

- There is avaibility of phone system (STD and ISTD) facilities in Kathmandu and many other places of Nepal.Beside these facilities ,there are all the facilities you need including fax and full internet / e-mail.

3. How much money do I need to take along with me in order to make tour in Nepal?

- Its up to you! You may need money for a taxi fare, for a beer, presents or tips to guides. If you do not intend to buy lots of gifts and are not intending to extend your stay, then for a week US$200 can be more than enough. It also depends on your what kind of tour package that you plan to make.

4. Can i extend the day of my trip if i wish to?

- Definately, as Nepal is rich in natural beauty. Sometime you may like to stay some more days in order to explore many more places of Nepal.There is a varies range of great activities that you will be facinated to do. Red Carpet Treks & Adventure have special tour packages like Trips in Bhutan, Darjelling,Sikkim, & also facilities for many adventure tours.

5. What is the maximum weight that is allowed on domestic flights?

- For all domestic flight the normal weight limit is 15 kilogram.Hence we recommend you to not to overload yourself.

6. Is it cold in Nepal?

- It depends on the season when you plan to make tour in Nepal. Generally the climate of Nepal is favourable to make any tours/treks.As mostly the days are fine and the evenings cool to chilly. For Kathmandu valley it is just perfect for most of the time.

7. How costly is it to travel in Nepal?

- Generally for travelers from most parts of the world, Nepal is also a very economic destination where most of the people would like to have trip in holidays.

8. What kind of food we can get?

- You can get both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian items exactly what you need for energy. The cook will provide anything from burger to curry, and scrambled eggs to chocolate items. In resttaurants you'll have a full menu available to choose from. You will not go hungry as you will be served with varieties of food from tipical Nepali dish to continental dishes.