The term, India, originated from the local historical name of Indus River. Nestled next to Nepal, China and Bhutan in the North, Pakistan in the Northwest and Bangladesh and Myanmar in the East, India is the seventh largest country in the world enveloping total area of 3,287,263 sq.m. India's rich history and its cultural and geographical diversity make its international tourism appeal large and diverse with heritage and cultural tourism along with medical, business, educational & sport tourism every year.

India is rich in art & culture in a sence that there are people with religion of Buddhism, Hinduism along with Islam and Christianity. Based on their diverse culture, one can find an unmatched blend of beautiful sculptures,monastries, temples,etc in India resembling their lifestyle & traditions. All these things make India one of the popular tourist destination to visit.

We provide you the India tour packages which concerntrates the major world's popular heritage sites & beautiful tourist destinations of India.Some of them are : Red Fort,The Taj Mahal,Kashmir,Darjeeling & Sikkim & so on.   


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