The weather conditions in mountainous Nepal are often extreme. As a result, trekkers in the himalayas of Nepal, members of expedition looking to climb the Nepalese mountains and travellers to pilgrimage destinations such as Kailash Mansarovar may require urgent/emergency medical evacuation (Medevac), casualty evacuation (Casevac) in case of injury during their journey.When you are hit by altitude sickness, the difference between life and death is measured by how quickly and efficiently you can arrange for emergency medical evacuation (Medevac) services.

In emergency medical situations, for urgent medical evacuations (Medevac) you can rely on only a helicopter that can reach you in minimal time. You can depend upon Shree Airlines to offer you professional helicopter medevac services for any emergency situation in the Nepal region.

Our helicopters are capable of flying at very high altitudes making them ideal for emergency medical evacuation (medevac) of trekkers/mountaineers/travellers from remote mountains of Nepal. Each of our Medevac helicopters is capable of carrying up to three stretchers with seating for attendants and fitted to hold equipment for for medical emergency evacuation services, such as saline drips etc.

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