Mountain Expedition in Nepal

Mountain Expedition in Nepal has become a popular adventure sport for those who are enthusiastic to have thrilling experience in their life. The high hills mountain peaks of Nepal have become the primary destination spot for those who are willing to have challenging spirit in their life. Presently, Nepal Expedition has become one of the interesting and adventure sports to everyone that's why most of the people love to do the expedition and its increasing day by day.

Himalayas is the largest mountain range in the world & Nepal is the country covering the largest part of it. Among 15 of the peaks of above 8000 meters, 8 peaks including the highest Mount Everest is also in Nepal Himalayan range. Besides these highest peaks, there are more than a thousand of other peaks that are of different ranges from Kanchenjungha in the east to Saipal in the west within distance of 850km. Mountains in Nepal, in fact are always a challenge for the mountaineers from all over the world. There is no argument that, Himalayas are the favorite destination for mountaineers as a result, every year more than four hundred expeditions trudge up to put the flag of success on top of them. Hence Nepal is the best expedition spot for those who have dreams to join Nepal expedition group.



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