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Cine Makers P. Ltd, an organization dedicated to the field of Media Development , is manned by media professionals of outstanding caliber, who have undertaken the challenge to create quality output in the field of film making in Nepal. Its main focus is to help the national & international film makers for searching suitable film shooting location & assisting them in film production in Nepal. The Film Development Board (FDB) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) are our strategic partners.

Since 2000, Cine Makers has been joining forces with an increasing number of film crews from all over the world. Our experienced and highly-skilled staff provides technical support and facilitates film crews to uncover Nepal's unseen stories, unheard realities and incredible diversity. Its main objective is to ensure that the entire shooting runs effortlessly, and to guarantee a first-class final product. We also act as a local coordinator; taking care of shooting permits, customs clearance for filming equipments and materials, and help you put the last touches on your product professionally and within your budget. 

Media is one of the main sources to bring awareness to the people and society. And electronic media is one of the popular media to bring awareness to all about certain matters. Filming in Nepal has been

Regarding to services provided by Cine Makers, it assists film makers by providing information on the permits essential to shoot in public places, National Parks, World Heritage Sites and flight paths. Furthermore, our services include film shooting arrangements & coordination in Nepal with film makers & producers to make simple documentaries with DV cameras, features with celluloid films, and IMAX films, tele-serials,music videos, Tv programs,advertisements & other similar works.

Cine Makers has hand-picked a truly unmatchable team that includes the top minds across a range of disciplines to promote Nepal as an ultimate filming destination. 

Cine Makers is being developed as a production house with high skill standards in Nepal. The architects of Cine Makers have envisaged it as a genuine National Institution of higher vocational learning. Media professionals of outstanding caliber have undertaken challenges to create quality outputs that will cater to the country's audio visual needs.

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